Kathryn’s Ceramic work is a blend of traditional influences and contemporary innovation.
She employs a variety of approaches, including the use of extruded forms,
hand-building, wheel-throwing and slip-casting.

Her color palette varies greatly across different works and firing types,
from warm earth-tones to bright, cheery pastels and bold primary colors.


"I pride myself on being the kid that was always playing in the mud. My fascination with clay started from a young age, and has been one of the few consistent and reliable outlets for me in my life. I may not always be able to write eloquently, but put some clay in my hands and I can show you exactly how I'm feeling. Since finishing my degree, my work has taken on a more child-like, playful quality. I've been exploring brighter, more joyful colors and using sprig decorations to create kitschy, sometimes gaudy pieces. It's been a lot of fun trying something so different from what I had done in the past!" -K.E. Whitlock, 2017

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